Be Smart About Your Summer Move

Moving Day!
Moving Day!

The Spring selling season is well underway in the Yuba-Sutter area, and that means that the Summer moving season is just a few weeks away.  According to Military Program Analyst Deloma Miley, more than 65% of the moves of military members take place between May and August. Those families don’t get to pick when they move, but for those not in the military it is still the most popular time to pack up and put down new roots.  Many families want to wait until the school year ends, and most people prefer to move during good weather.

No matter what time of year you move, it is hard work.  Here are a few tips that can help:

  1. Declutter, again! Perhaps you have prepared your house for the market and you already decluttered once, or you are renting and skipped that initial step, declutter again!  Make piles to donate, piles to sell and piles to take to the local landfill (try to keep this pile as small as possible).  Don’t plan to pack anything you don’t need.  There is nothing like paying for boxes and space on a moving truck for those old wire hangers and your kids homework from the first grade. Be brutal, and only pack what really matters.

    Happy sellers!
    Happy sellers!
  2. Make a plan. From packing boxes to picking out the size of the truck, start with a list of what you need to do and put those tasks on a calendar.
  3. Make sure to rent the right size moving truck and reserve it early. Many people choose to save money by moving themselves.  There are plenty of options for rental trucks so make sure you know how much stuff you are going to move and how large the truck needs to be.  I have had clients who were giving away their things on moving day because they simply ran out of room.
  4. Start accumulating boxes. Whether you are stopping by the local market to get their cast-offs or buying boxes at a discount store or moving company, start accumulating boxes early and store them broken down.  Pack a little each day, and start by packing the stuff you rarely use.
  5. Buy packing paper. It’s inexpensive and can protect your valuable and important possessions.  Bubble wrap can help too. In a pinch use towels, pillows, or other soft materials.
  6. Label your boxes well. Sometimes it just works to put some family photos in with the contents of your bedside table, but make sure you label it so you can find those photos again.
  7. Arrange plenty of help. Friends help friends move, but they usually offer pizza to go with it.  Ask plenty of people to assist on moving day—it will go faster and make the heavy lifting a little easier.

Few people love the idea of moving, but planned well and done right, it can get you to your new home with a minimum of stress and hassle.