It feels good to laugh!
It feels good to laugh!
Early morning on the beach.

I kept a low profile this last week because I was on a much needed vacation.  It has been an extremely busy last couple of years as I completed my Master’s degree in Real Estate, and joined the NextHome franchise.  I spent the week pleasure reading while sitting by a pool or on the beach.  The funny thing is, there wasn’t a day that went by that I didn’t so some real estate work.  I have buyers wanting to see homes, and sellers in escrow.  The work doesn’t stop just because I need some down time, and that is why I depend upon my very capable assistant, Bev Airehart, and Broker Associate, Randy Peters.  Having a team that works together and helps ensure that nothing gets overlooked–my clients are always taken care of and I know that they are in good hands while I am away.  I keep in touch, vacation or not, because I love what I do.  As I worked on my Master’s degree I realized that that is one of my “takeaways”–I have a passion for real estate, and working while I am on vacation, just a little, doesn’t feel like work at all.  So while sunning myself on a beach in Hawaii, I helped resurrect a nearly dead deal, received a new HUD listing, reviewed a Request for Repairs with my seller, and started working with a new buyer.  Thank you Bev for showing homes all week, and thank you Randy for doing the inspection on our new listing.  It takes a village to do real estate right:)



H2O Where Did You Go?

Lake Oroville 2011 and 2015

Water. We just keep hearing about water. Well, actually we are hearing about the lack of water. As most everyone knows, California is in the fourth year of drought, and it just isn’t getting any better. I listened to the rain pouring down this afternoon, accompanied by the sound of thunder and claps of lightening. All the experts say about it  is “too little, too late”. Well obviously we will take any water we can get, and be grateful for it. I contrast this to the winter we had too much water, and the levee broke, flooding parts of Yuba County. Mother Nature seems to have a hard time finding middle ground.

So, I ask all of you, what are you doing to conserve water? At my home I am encouraging shorter showers. Much shorter for the 14 year old. (Note to self: having a tankless water heater that never runs out of hot water is not necessarily a good thing). I am also reminding my family not to run the water unless absolutely necessary. Do you really need to rinse the dishes before they go in the dishwasher? Probably not, at least with my dishwasher. We have watered the yard only a handful of times this winter, and it shows. As long as things are still somewhat alive, we will manage.

So pass along your suggestions on what we can do to conserve this year, and don’t stop praying for rain, in any amount.